Novena Prayers commences in Ferar as a preparation for the Monthi Fest!

Ferar: As a preparation for the Monthi Fest (Birth day of Virgin Mary) all over the district, the 9 days Novena mass commenced from Saturday.

Children are like flowers and they have a passion for flowers. Flowers are filled with colour and are beautiful like children and so wonderful while they please our infant Mary when these kids with love, excitement and devotion come to offer in the early morning.

It is an opportunity for the young children to gather flowers from the gardens and offer them to Mary during this special occasion of 9 days of Novena prayers while singing and showering flowers is magical moment for each child.

The children as well as the elders collected flowers form their yards, participated in the mass at the church and offered the flowers to Virgin Mary with devotion and joy.

The Christian Community residing over the coastal area celebrates the Birthday of Virgin Mary as an icon of the arrival of new crop on September 8th with the entire family. On that day, the new harvests grown in their fields are offered to the lord and prepare dishes using the new rice.

Prior to the preparation of Virgin Mary’s feast, novena prayers are being carried out in all the Churches along with the special preparation for the feast. On the day of feast, the community prepares purely vegetarian food and will be shared and enjoyed with the family as well as their neighbors.

Photos By: Ravi studio, Ganjimutt & Loyal Roshan Rodrigues.